Minot's first airstrip was developed in the late 1920's on a 20 acre tract in the southern portion of present airport property. The dedication of the "Port of Minot" was held on July 23, 1928 to coincide with the "Ford National Reliability Tour," an event typical of the "barnstorming" days.

Older Aircraft


Mr. Baldwin, President of the Minot Park Board, gave the dedication. Mayor A.J.H Bratsberg accepted the airport on behalf of the City of Minot and praised the park board for taking the steps in securing an airport for the city, even in the face of criticism. The ceremony was ended with several park board members and their families receiving a ride in a Ford Tri-Motor plane.

Original Runway

The original runway had an east-west orientation. Improvements (i.e., grading, apron area, and lighting) were provided by the Works Progress Administration prior to World War II. Additional improvements were provided in 1942 through the Defense Landing Area Program and the Civil Aeronautic Board when Minot Airport was designated a refueling base for the Military Air transport Command on its Minneapolis-Alaska flights. These improvements included the acquisition of certain lands and the construction and paving of three runways.

Air Carrier Service

Aside from short-lived attempts to establish scheduled air service in the late 1920's and again in the early 1940's scheduled air carrier service began immediately after World War II and became international with service to Canada during the 1970's. Airline Deregulation in 1978 precipitated rapid change that continued through the remainder of the century.


The airport was administered by the City Park Board until June 13, 1947 and is now under the direction of a full-time Airport Director and the Minot City Council.