Security Badges

All employees and regular users (general aviation pilots) of the Minot International Airport are required to be badged.  Please complete the proper application for the badge type and make an appointment to submit your application, get your photo taken, and get fingerprinted (if applicable) at the Airport Administration office. Badge training registration is online only and appointments are required. Please fill out the form below to get started.

For AOA badge applicants: 

  1. Complete and submit AOA badge application to the Airport Administration office.  At the time of submission please bring completed application, two valid forms of identification and the badge fee of $40.00 (cash or check only). No appointment necessary.

For SIDA badge applicants: 

  1. Applicant completes SIDA badge application
  2. Application must be reviewed and signed off by employer
  3. Applicant schedules appointment to be fingerprinted, have their photo taken, and submit their application.
  4. During fingerprint appointment, please bring completed application and two valid forms of identification, as previously provided to your employer.

Badge Application and Training Registration

  1. Once you hit the submit button at the bottom of the form you will be taken to the appointment page. Please follow and setup your appointment to ensure that we have time to accept app, take photo, and check ID's when you arrive.
  2. Required Identification

    In order to start the badging process two forms of identification are required. One must be a government issued photo ID and the second is a document that authorizes employment. This is based off of I9 standards. 

    You must select a form of ID from each box that you will bring the day of your appointment. Applications will not be accepted without acceptable forms of identification.

    If born in the United States, please select one item from the government issued photo ID list and one from Document to Establish Employment list. If born outside of the United States please select one item from the government issued photo ID list and one from the Documents for applicants born outside of US. 

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Badge Fees

Additional fees can be found here.
  • AOA Badges: $40
  • SIDA Badges: $80
  • Annual Renewal Fee: $20
  • Damaged Badge Fee: $50-150
  • Lost Badge Fee: $50-150
  • Unreturned Fee: $100-300