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Employee Parking Registration With Rules

  1. Employee Parking - Rules
    Employees receive free parking during their shifts. Please be sure to park in the employee parking lot. If the employee lot is full you may park in the Short Term Lot. Be sure to show your parking permit to the Parking Attendant otherwise you will be charged.

    Employees traveling for business purposes will not be charged for parking, so long as they park in the short term lot. A manager must provide written notice to Airport Administration and Republic Parking prior to departure to ensure that employees are not charged parking for days gone. When traveling for business purposes, please park in the west end of the short term lot.

    Employees traveling for personal reasons (vacation, etc.) are considered passengers and will be asked to park in long or short term parking. If traveling for a personal reason, all employees are expected to pay for their parking. Parking in the employee parking lot for non-business purposes is a violation of employee parking privileges and, as such, will result in ticketing of the vehicle.

    If you forgot your parking permit, for whatever reason, you may purchase a temporary parking permit from Airport Administration. Temporary parking permits are valid only for the date shown on the permit; permits are $5.00/day.

    If you lost your parking permit, report the loss to Airport Administration. A new permit will be issued upon receipt of a $25.00 replacement fee.

    Cash or check are the only payment forms accepted at this time.

    Updated: June 11, 2018
  2. Employee Parking Registration
  3. Did your employer provide a parking permit?
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  6. I have read and understand employee parking rules and hereby certify that any violation of these rules may result in ticketing of my vehicle and, if deemed necessary, the revocation of my parking permit.
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