Annual Badge Renewal

Badge Renewal Appointment

  1. Once you hit submit you will be redirected to a new website to select a date/time for badge renewal. Please note the following information: 

    Whenever possible we would like tenants to follow the dates provided to sign up for badge renewal: 

    January 9-12 all City Employees

    January 16-19: Unifi and Oakwells

    January 23-26: Trego Dugan and TSA

    January 30-February 2: Fedex, Avflight, Minot Aero, Executive Air, Hangar Tenants

    February 6-9: All contractors including Mowbray, Main Electric, Blue stone etc., FAA, CBP

    Rest of February: Anyone not able to come in during dates provided.

    General Aviations pilots can select any time to come in. These are guidelines for ease of use, but we do understand that it might not work with everyone's schedule. Please try to stick to the times provided wherever possible.

  2. Required Identification

    In order to start the badging process two forms of identification are required. One must be a photo ID and the second is a document that authorizes employment. This is based off of I9 standards. You must select a form of ID from each box that you will bring the day of your appointment. Applications will not be accepted without acceptable forms of identification.<P>If born in the United States, please select one item from Photo ID list and one from Document to Establish Employment list. If born outside of the United States please select one item from the Photo ID list and one from the Documents for applicants born outside of US. 

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